Bonocle's Guides

Unboxing and First Impressions

Get started with your new Bonocle device by following along as Ramy takes you through the unboxing and initial setup process. Learn how to familiarize yourself with the design, buttons, and powering on your Bonocle.

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Pairing and Customization

Download the companion app and pair your Bonocle device. Ramy will guide you through customizing various settings to optimize your braille learning experience, including reading modes and personalization options.

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Learning and Teaching Braille

Embark on your braille journey with the Bonocle Alphabet App. Set up your device, download the app, and start mastering the braille alphabet, math symbols, and punctuation. Ramy demonstrates the Bonocle alphabet app experience as well as the next steps in your learning journey.

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Gaming in Braille

Explore Bonocle's immersive braille gaming world! Meet Bo, the robotic guide dog, and enjoy thrilling missions that boost skills like finger sensitivity, spatial awareness, and pattern recognition. Learn gameplay for titles like "Bo's Run" and "Word Blossom."

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Resolve common issues with step-by-step guidance. From locating your Bonocle using "Find My Bonocle" to troubleshooting connectivity problems and reporting bugs, this video covers essential troubleshooting tips and support options.

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Stay tuned as we continue expanding this library of helpful tutorials to enrich your Bonocle experience. If you need further assistance, our dedicated support team is just a click away.

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