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Stay focused anytime, anywhere.

Bonocle will let you quickly grasp information in braille so that you can stay on top of your life and work regardless of where you are. It provides a new layer of accessibility with multi-dimensional navigation to give you instant access and cut down on printing costs and wait times. A true-life companion that will continue to evolve as you continue to succeed.


Keep on learning, it's never been easier.

Bonocle will help you learn or brush up on your braille. Its a fully customizable learning experience that suits your schedule, pace, and learning style. You can learn on your own or get help from within the community. Whether you’re 5 or 95, Bonocle can help you achieve your goals.

A photo of a parent's hand guiding their child's hand over Bonocle.
This photo is showing a tablet displaying a soccer field and a view of the goal. A blind gentleman in the background acting as the goalie moves Bonocle in the air to block the football.


Immerse yourself in our arcade of games.

Single player games, competitive games, puzzle games or card games. Our library of games will continue to grow as you continue to play. Bonocle combines braille with motion sensors and onboard controls to give you a gaming experience that is fun, engaging and immersive. 

Bonocle Plus

Get access to a growing library of apps with Bonocle

This photo is showing an endless grid of app icons for Bonocle. The icons' color corresponds to their respective category—Navy blue for productivity, teal for education, and purple for gaming.

Elegant and portable

Bonocle's minimalistic design and portability make it not only look good, but feel good. Its form factor is intuitive and adaptable to almost everyone.

multi dimensional

Long gone are the days of line by line braille. Bonocle adds another layer and gives you the freedom to explore it.


Everyone is unique and so Bonocle adapts to that by allowing you to customize buttons, gestures and modes to your liking.

This photo shows Bonocle from a top view. Bonocle has an inverted pear shape. The wide side holds the Braille cell surrounded by navigation buttons.

motion sensing

Our onboard sensors allow for gesture controls and orientational mapping amongst many other immersive uses.

Expandable software

Our library of applications will continue to grow with both internally developed apps as well as community developed apps to continue expanding the potential of Bonocle.


Dont restrict yourself to a platform, whether you're an on android or iOS user, Bonocle will expand on every platform.

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