Learning Braille,

Our interactive learning platform combines our pocket-sized, one-cell device with a diverse suite of smartphone apps and games to put braille-mastery at your fingertips.

A collage of our diverse group of Bonocle users from the blind community.A collage of our diverse group of Bonocle users from the blind community.A picture of Bonocle, a portable device that looks like a computer mouse. Bonocle is curved to match the grip of a palm. It has one braille cell surrounded by buttons. Most of the buttons are black with one button under the braille cell in a teal color. At the back of Bonocle, there's a textile label coming out of the device with the Bonocle logo on it.

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Bonocle builds your braille skills one cell at a time.


With Bonocle you develop braille proficiency one letter at a time, quickly creating a fun and gamified experience that motivates you to keep learning and working on those braille skills.


Your Bonocle device looks and feels like a computer mouse making it comfortable and portable to use and carry around and navigating our apps and games is easy, intuitive, and familiar.


Every Bonocle app provides haptic and auditory feedback through the hand-held device and smartphone combination, creating an immersive environment for building and retaining tactile skills

Learning braille, as easy as 1,2,3


Get It - buy your Bonocle


Pair It - with our companion app


Learn It - Pick your apps and start learning

Learning braille, as easy as 1,2,3


Get It - buy your Bonocle


Pair It - with our companion app


Learn It - Pick your apps and start learning

Bonocle in the classroom

Utilize Bonocle as a comprehensive tool that empowers you as a teacher and supports an engaging learning environment.

Focus on teaching instead of classroom management - one cell means students are always on the same letter

A top view of Bonocle. A mouse shaped handheld device. Bonocle is black with a teal accent in the shape of a rectangular button under the braille cell. The braille cell is located at the front wide section of the device and is surrounded by buttons.

Utilize a wide variety of in-app and device customizations to meet individual student needs

Control one or multiple Bonocles from your smartphone or tablet

Create opportunities for students to collaborate and challenge each other to excel

Add fun to the school day through educational games


A parent using Bonocle to teach their child the alphabet. They are sitting on a bench in a park. A virtual display is overlayed next to them to show how the letter B is in braille.

Our educational apps make braille accessible anywhere and anytime.

You start one letter at a time, you build your skills with words, spelling and contractions and, when you’re ready, you progress to full pieces of text.  

And, at every stage, Bonocle supports your progress with in-app practice modes that celebrate your successes and reinforce your understanding of what you have learned.

A Bonocle user playing a game against his friend. He waves Bonocle in excitement.


Our games increase your braille proficiency, making your skills more intuitive.

Through the tactile display and the game’s auditory cues, you receive key information on the game environment, obstacles, and enemy movements.

You play by using Bonocle’s buttons and sensors to navigate and complete the in-game challenges, all while applying your newly-learned skills.

Ready to start your braille journey with Bonocle?

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Most Common Questions

How can I read using one braille cell?

Bonocle uses one highly refreshable Braille cell to make the learning experience less overwhelming and more adaptable to the students and their teachers or families. You will start by learning one-cell letters and numbers and move on to using Bonocle's multiple reading modes to find what suits you best. Our short answer is, try it out if you can. If you are already experienced with braille, it will take you some time to use but we have seen people zoom through text within a hours and days at most. Also, Bonocle uses the cell in really cool ways to not only show text, but to display environments and barriers.

Can I use Bonocle to control my phone?

Bonocle will only work with our applications and games. We do not think Bonocle or Braille are a replacement for the built-in text-to-speech experience on smart devices and so, Bonocle does not replace it but works with it to provide the best accessible experience for our students and teachers.

Will Bonocle work with any smart device?

At the moment, Bonocle will only work with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. However, our team is working on expanding our compatible platforms to include Android and Chrome OS.

What if my Bonocle breaks? How can I fix it?

Bonocle is working with a network of service providers wherever we are available. Please contact us and we can guide you on where to ship your device for repair.

See more on our support page
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