Learning and Teaching Braille


Learning Braille is an exciting journey, and our aim at Bonocle is to make it accessible to everyone. So, let's get started on your path to mastering Braille.

Step 1: Set Up Your Bonocle

Before diving into the world of Braille, make sure your Bonocle is set up and ready. If you need guidance on setting up your Bonocle device, refer to our setup guide. Once your Bonocle is good to go,you're all set to begin your Braille adventure.

Step 2: Download the Bonocle Alphabet App

To start learning the Braille alphabet, you'll need our dedicated Bonocle Alphabet App. Here's how to get it:

App Store: Visit your device's app store, and search for the "Bonocle Alphabet" app.Download and install it.

Companion App Store: Alternatively, you can find the Bonocle Alphabet app on our companion app's "Store" page with will then take you to the app page on the app store.

Step 3: Connecting Your Bonocle

With the Bonocle Alphabet App installed, turn on your Bonocle and open the app. The good news is, your Bonocle should connect automatically. To confirm the connection, you'll feel a small vibration on your Bonocle device.

For reference, there's a connection menu at the top of the app screen, so you can check your Bonocle's connectivity status at any time.

Learning the Braille Alphabet

The Bonocle Alphabet App is designed to teach you the Braille alphabet in an interactive and engaging way, making it ideal for individual learning and classroom use.

To start your Braille learning journey, follow these steps:

Access the "Learn Alphabet" Button: Use the text-to-speech accessibility features on your device to navigate to the "Learn Alphabet" button within the app. Double-tap it to begin.

Learning Letters: Swipe right until you reach the first letter, "A." Double-tap to select it, and it will appear on the Braille cell of your Bonocle. The letter"A" is represented by the first dot on the Braille cell, referred to as "dot 1."

Progress: To continue your learning journey, click the next button to the right of theBraille cell. This will introduce you to the letter "B" and its corresponding Braille dot configuration. With this simple method, you'll quickly get to know the Braille alphabet.

Practice Your Skills

To reinforce your knowledge, take advantage of the practice feature within the app. Here's how it works:

Practice Mode: Practice finding specific spoken letters by choosing their Braille equivalent from four multiple choice options.

Earn Trophies: Work your way through the practice exercises, and make sure you collect all the trophies to enhance your Braille reading skills.

Beyond the Basics

The Bonocle Alphabet App is just the beginning of your Braille learning journey. Bonocle offers additional apps and games that incorporate Braille in fun and innovative ways. These apps will not only enhance your Braille skills but also introduce you to other valuable skills along the way. You can then use the Bonocle spelling app to learn words and practice their spellings, the notes and reader app to read pieces of text or import a certain lesson structure. You can get tips from your teachers or learn at your own pace.

What's Next?

In the next guide, we will introduce you to some of our other apps and games that use Braille in exciting ways. These are designed to make learning Braille enjoyable and to help you develop additional skills. So, stay tuned for more exciting insights and your journey to Braille mastery. See you there!

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