Our Story

Bonocle started as a university project by two students, Aly and Ramy. An accident led to the founders meeting and befriending a blind student, Ali, who was studying law at their university. They all shared a passion for technology and so quickly clicked over geeky conversations. Over lunch one day, they had a conversation about braille technologies, and how Ali's early braille learning experience had little to no technology involved. Aly and Ramy then decided to create Bonocle in hopes that other students like Ali would have an easier time learning how to read and write.

Aly, the founder of Bonocle is soldering an early version of Bonocle. He is wearing glasses and a navy blue buttoned shirt

What we're trying to do

Our Vision

Our goal is to use technology to make braille a viable option that empowers the blind community to live their life to their fullest potential.

An image of many of the Bonocle prototypes at different levels of assembly on an office table.

How we're doing it?

Our Mission

We leverage cutting-edge engineering and the latest technological innovations to craft products and experiences that cater to the needs of the blind community, ensuring they are not only highly effective and beneficial but also engaging and enjoyable. Our commitment to a culture steeped in integrity, dignity, and continual growth drives everything we do, ensuring that each endeavor we undertake makes a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Team Achievements

An article from the newspaper about Bonocle. The article text is too small but the title is shown to say "Qatar startup Bonocle closes $1M seed round"
A Badge awarded by World Summit Awards for Bonocle as a winner of the WSA award in 2020
Bonocle was awarded the K design award for the innovative and creative design of Bonocle.
A banner for the Accessibility Innovation of the year awarded to Bonocle by Entrepreneur magazine in the Tech Innovation Awards 2023.