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How can I read using one braille cell?

Bonocle uses one highly refreshable Braille cell to make the learning experience less overwhelming and more adaptable to the students and their teachers or families. You will start by learning one-cell letters and numbers and move on to using Bonocle's multiple reading modes to find what suits you best. Our short answer is, try it out if you can. If you are already experienced with braille, it will take you some time to use but we have seen people zoom through text within a hours and days at most. Also, Bonocle uses the cell in really cool ways to not only show text, but to display environments and barriers.

Can I use Bonocle to control my phone?

Bonocle will only work with our applications and games. We do not think Bonocle or Braille are a replacement for the built-in text-to-speech experience on smart devices and so, Bonocle does not replace it but works with it to provide the best accessible experience for our students and teachers.

Can I use Bonocle as a standalone device?

Bonocle works alongside a smart device to let you get the most out of it. However, you can also store content on Bonocle and consume it on the go without using an accompanying device. This feature is still in progress.

Will Bonocle work with any smart device?

At the moment, Bonocle will only work with iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. However, our team is working on expanding our compatible platforms to include Android and Chrome OS.

I am left-handed. Can I use Bonocle?

Because everyone is different, Bonocle was designed to be symmetrical to allow anyone to use it. If you are left-handed, you can change your hand preferences in the Bonocle settings and the buttons will be re-mapped to accommodate your choice.

How can I access the Bonocle settings?

Using the Bonocle companion app, you can learn how to use your Bonocle, customize the settings to fit your needs, and browse our compatible library of apps and games.

How can I charge Bonocle?

To charge Bonocle, use the included USB-C cable to connect Bonocle to any power source. At the front of the device, Bonocle has a reversible USB-C port for ease of use.

What if my Bonocle breaks? How can I fix it?

Bonocle is working with a network of service providers wherever we are available. Please contact us and we can guide you on where to ship your device for repair.

Does Bonocle work with all languages?

Bonocle is available in English and Arabic only, but we plan on supporting more languages in the future.

Is learning with Bonocle easier than learning with jumbo Braille products?

Bonocle uses a standard-size braille cell to teach braille. This has many benefits such as longevity, where our students can continue to use Bonocle as they advance in their learning. They will not have to relearn standard size braille after learning jumbo braille and lastly, they will improve their finger sensitivity in the right way to help them in their braille journey. Jumbo braille may be suitable for those with tactile deficits. Please consult with a professional to help you make an informed decision.

How can I read quickly without brushing my finger over the cell?

Since Bonocle is a learning tool, Bonocle focuses on learning the skill of reading braille without a focus on speed. However, we have seen our users and students get significantly faster as they use Bonocle over a period of time to approach or match their speeds when using a line of braille cells.

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