Gaming in Braille


Bonocle is so much more than just learning the braille alphabet; it's about learning and enhancing valuable skills through interactive gameplay. So, let's explore how our Braille games can be both fun and educational.

Braille as a Gameplay Element

Our Braille games are unique in that they use Braille or tactile characters as one of the main ways to interact with the games. This innovative approach serves multiple purposes:

Immersive Gameplay: Braille integration immerses players in a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Skill Development: It enhances your finger sensitivity, spatial awareness, and pattern recognition abilities.

In our collection of Braille games, you'll find various genres, including board games, puzzle games, and arcade games where you embark on missions with Bo, our robotic guide dog.

Meet Bo: The Hero of Our Games

Meet Bo, our central character in most of our games. Bo is a robotic guide dog, created by an old man to be summoned at any time to assist blind individuals in need. We'll delve into Bo's origins another time, but for now, let's focus on the exciting adventures you can join him on.

Game Highlights

In our game "Bo'sRun," you'll assist Bo in navigating a challenging obstacle course in the park. The objective is to prove that he is ready to serve as a guide dog.Controlling Bo is a breeze:

Use Bonocle's onboard buttons or the motion sensor.

Slide Bonocle right to move Bo right or use the "Next"button.

Slide Bonocle left to shift Bo left or use the"Previous" button.

Help Bo jump over obstacles by sliding Bonocle forward, away from you.

Aid Bo in sliding under obstacles by sliding Bonocle backward, closer to you.

You can also utilize the action button to make Bo jump and the middle button to make him slide. If you need a pause, press the back button. Remember to lift Bonocle off the surface and bring it back in front of you to be ready for the next move. Each lane in the game offers a unique surface: lane 1 has concrete, lane 2 is covered in grass, and lane 3 in sand. Each produces distinct sounds as Bo runs over them.You'll encounter various tactile shapes representing different obstacles, which will be explained in the game tutorial when you begin. All of these elements combine to create an exciting gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Our second game, "Word Blossom," is a word puzzle challenge. In this game, you'll guess the word from the keyboard to create a wordy forest. If you make enough incorrect guesses, a flower will be added to your forest. Here's how to play:

Use the middle button to switch between the keyboard and the word display.

Slide Bonocle to move between letters, or use the"Next" and "Previous" buttons to move right or left.

To shift between rows, hold the "Next" or"Previous" buttons to move up or down.

Insert letters into the word by clicking the action button.

The letters you select will appear on the Braille cell, making it easy to track their location in the word.

We can't wait to see you on the leaderboards, having a great time while playing and learning with Bonocle.Join us for an exciting journey of gameplay and skill development.

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