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Easy Access, conveniently in your pocket

Bonocle is the ultimate braille companion, a handheld device that connects to your iOS and Android devices and gives you access to applications in productivity, education, and gaming.

A girl on the subway holding bonocle on her lap. A text bubble reads "Once upon a time..." as she starts a new novel

Extremely Portable

Smaller than a smartphone, Bonocle elegantly fits in your pocket or purse.

Quick and Wireless

Connect to your devices using Bluetooth 5.0 and enjoy seamless navigation.


Use the Bonocle app to customize your experience to fit your needs

Internal Storage

Store a library of books and articles in your pocket at anytime.

Learning braille has never been easier

Learn on your own, with a parent or with a teacher. Learn the alphabet, contracted braille or improve your reading speed. Bonocle provides a customizable braille learning experience to fit your needs.

72 Hour Battery

A reliable battery that lasts, so that you can forget about charging

Group 3

One Braille Cell

Using a reliable and refreshable 8 dot braille cell, your experience will only improve with time

All languages

Bonocle supports every language and every code available in braille

Reversible USB-C

Bonocle uses a USB-C connector for a hassle free connection 

Step into our arcade with a library of games

Single player games, competitive games, puzzles, games, board games or card games. Our library of games will continue to grow as long as you continue to play.

Created by the community, for the community.

Your feedback and engagement are what keep us going. 

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